Glow Plug Controller

With the glow plug controller (GZSG) it is possible to switch up to 4 steel- or ceramic glow plugs. The controller compensates supply- and ground offset voltage fluctuations. Therefore, supply- and ground offset displacement voltage fluctuation – as long the nominal value is smaller than this – have no influence on the output voltage. Misplaced steel- or ceramic glow plugs will be automatically recognized. Additional to the channel selective glow circuit control, all glow circuits are protected by thermal fuses. Hence, in case of an error, the motor will start anyway.

The PWM-output frequency is 32Hz, but it can be adapted to customer’s requirements. From overcurrent monitoring to the recognition of an open glow circuit, all possible loads will be securely operated. Any detected error state will be reported to the engine control unit.

The communication occurs over a 2-wire PWM-interface (nominal value, diagnosis) or per LIN-Bus.

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